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« The real gourmet is the one who relishes a slice of butter as a grilled lobster, if butter is fine and well kneaded bread»


Founded more than 90 years by Félix Joubin, pastry & chocolate, Joubin is a veritable house of gastronomy where we cultivate the art of hospitality as well as culinary creativity. Building on the heritage and traditions perpetuated by the house since 1924, Joubin knew, in parallel, seize the zeitgeist by winning as catering events in Paris and its region, and has been for nearly 30 years.

As both artist and craftsman, Joubin accompany you with skill and daring in organizing bespoke events. Wedding, chef or business cocktail , we will imagine together a special reception combining our talents for food, decor and service.

Guarantor of respect for ancestral and eager to technical innovations, Joubin skillfully explores the culinary potential field. From molecular cuisine to the most traditional recipes of our heritage. Entrust your desires so without fear to our expert hands.

« Lobster, Bresse chicken, southwest duck leaver … We select the best French products carefully to better sublimate the plate. Creativity or classicism, it is then up to you the recipe! »

Philippe Ducastel - Chef