/ Decoration

« Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail »

Léonard De Vinci.

Mastering the art of hospitality is to possess the gift of singling out the atmosphere of an event. Tableware to furniture, flower arrangements to the outer atmosphere layout, every detail is carefully looked after. Our inspiration?

Yours ! Drawing on your part invitation or your outfits such warranty is all the palette of your wedding.

Buoyed by an aesthetic and sensory approach, we aspire to enrich the theme, interlacing shades, mixing materials and finally to outline a development unprecedented scene.

Skills inherent in the House Joubin, luxury caterer in Paris and its region.

« The meeting with the future married is essential: it allows me to understand their world (bohemian, rock, chic, romantic, etc.) and then draw, in real time, surround sketches, which will deliver their a stylistic vision of their wedding.. »

Nadine Joubin, Director and Wedding Designer

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